Step 1: Task Definition

1. Task Definition

1.1 Define the Problem

Research can be needed for any type of paper, project, presentation or more. Here are some possible assignments that may require research:

        • Creating a website
        • Designing an infographic
        • Produce a video on a controversial topic arguing for one side of an issue
        • Plan a public service campaign with at least 4 elements (i.e. posters, announcements, social media memes, podcast, etc.)

Define: It is best to look for keywords (bulleted or bold) so that you can describe the project.

Brainstorm: We also recommend you brainstorm what you already know about the problem.

After defining and brainstorming, you are ready for the next step: identify information you need to do the project or complete the problem.

1.2 Identify the Information Needed

Here is where you will ask open-ended questions about the topic. What additional facts or questions do you have about the topic or problem?

Watch any one of the videos about writing quality, higher-level open-ended questions

Complete the Task Definition worksheet

Five W's and H worksheet

Resources for higher-level questioning:


High level Questions Frames

Examples of leveled questions

Writing Engaging Questions Infographic