East Hoke's Remote Learning Platform is Google Classroom

A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

For help with chromebooks click here

Parents, please check in with your teachers via email

to ensure that you are being updated weekly on

your child's progress and work completed.

Emails are on the staff directory page of this website.

For help with technology click here

What if my chromebook is broken?

Hoke County Schools Technology Department

New Guidelines Due to COVID-19

Visit 315 N Bethel -- the Hoke County Technology Department


Instructions posted on the door:


SIGN IN on sheet on table

Please provide your phone number in case the technician needs to contact you during this process

PLACE Chromebook in the GREEN CRATE (remove from zip-up case if you have one).

DIAL 910-960-7116 to talk to a technician, then WAIT IN YOUR VEHICLE

A gloved technician will come out, take your Chromebook from crate and either repair it or switch it out with another Chromebook

Once your Chromebook is ready, the technician will place it on table, then inform you by phone so that you can pick it up