Eagles' Nest Library

Library Hours: [Monday-Friday]

08:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Students are working together to investigate damaged books. Together they are describing how books were damaged, and brainstorming ways to prevent future problems.

Students who are interested in joining Battle of the Books should speak with Ms. Herron in the media center, or Ms. Gydosh on the 8th grade hallway.

Language Learning Tools

Students can learn and practice a new language for free with Duolino! Language options include Spanish, German, French, Italian, and over a dozen more.

Book Requests

What books would you like to see added to the media center? Add your request here

Individual Checkout

Students may come to the library to check out, return books or conduct research from any class as long as they have a signed and dated agenda or hall pass. Students can visit the media center after 8:30 AM.