Title I Information


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Ever wonder what Title I is all about?

  • If you would like to read the entire HCS's Title I Policy, please click here.

  • Spanish version available here. If you would like a brief description by HCS's, "What is Title I?" watch the video below.

  • What is Title I — Brief description of Title I


EHMS Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan

  • Spanish version available here.

Parent and Family District Policy

Teacher Qualifications letter


Student Handbook-

Student/Parent/Teacher Compacts

School report card 2018-2019

8th grade Literacy Night .mov
6th grade-Pride - Literacy Night Jan 21, 2021.webm
6th Grade Peterson.webm
7th grade Morgan- Literacy night.mp4
6th Trower Literacy Night January 21, 2021.webm

Title I - Parent Data Interpretation Meeting November 22, 2020 (recording)

Title I - Parent Data Interpretation Meeting November 22, 2020.mp4
November 2020 Federal Program Newsletter.pdf

East Hoke Middle Low Performing Parent Letter

EHMS 2020-2021 low performing letter-09212020134804.pdf

Testing training for parents: Benchmarks Title 1 info 9/3 parent meeting

Open House 2020-2021 EHMS- Title 1 info

EHMS TSI - Targeted Support and Improvement Parent Notice

TSI low performing letter EHMS 2020-2021-09212020134616.pdf